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Film in a Year gets a Name and a Synopsis!

Hey Guys and Gals, I’m excited to share with you the first draft of the movie’s synopsis. Please read it and tell me you thoughts if you like it share it and lets grow our community. Also, please go easy on me as it is my first feature 😉

-Crystal Parasite-

We start with a fairly beat up high school kid handcuffed in a police station interrogation room. He’s just waking up, confused and the detective comes in. He asks the boy some questions and puts his phone on the table. We then learn that the kid in the chair is Tim, a popular kid and captain of the football team.His world had recently been turned upside down because of a meteorite crash he saw weeks ago. He caught footage on his iPhone. At the crash he investigated and touched the crystal like structure inside the crashed meteor and it move as if it was a liquid and forced it’s way into his hand.He starts telling his story to the officer at the station and the audience sees it unfold…

Following the crystal forcing its way into his body, he starts discovering he can do thing he shouldn’t be able to do. He also becomes sick as his body tries to fight this thing in him. Because of this new weakness from the crystal, he can no longer play football. Being forced to quit the football team, plus the strange visions caused by the crystal infection, Tim is quickly dropping from the “cool guy you want to be” to the “drugged up guy you avoid”. Many of his friends begin to bail on him.  Only a couple of people continue to associate with him in his banished state. This starts to open his eyes to the fringe kids he used to really bust up, though not enough to begin to stand up for them.

Eventually he starts forming friendship with some of the fringe dwellers and possibly a love interest. We start to get a sense that he’s being watched. The ones who sent the crystal are starting to go after him. Two aliens covered in sinister black suites with cool LEDs and alien markings show up while he is hanging with some of his new friends. They trigger the crystal parasite to activate causing him to go unconscious, but his nerdy fringe dwelling friends fight back the two aliens and wake him up. To the Aliens’ surprise Tim is still in control of his body, though dazed and confused.

Tim and his friends run to a hunting cabin hoping that they could hide. Tim notices that his heads up display (like in iron man) is now function smoothly. He can see the aliens tracking him so they set up a trap and he makes his friends go get the police (for the first time he is standing up for someone else). When he’s alone he uses his powers to fight the aliens. It  ends in him blowing up the cabins propane tank killing the two aliens. Tim is exhausted from over use of his powers and falls unconscious. When he wakes up he is in the police station handcuffed. And Says “…and that’s when I woke up here.”

The Detective not really buying most of the story asks a few more questions then the lights start to flicker. Tims HUD begins to flash warning of the aliens attack. The lights go out and there is gunshots. Tim escapes and confronts the very damaged alien which is very pissed. He wins. and saves the policemen and the Detective. Finally walking out of the station a couple black SUV roll up and a Government Man dressed in black comes out. He tells Tim to get into the car. He explains that Tim is not the only one and they want to know everything he does. Showing a clip of someone throwing a large dumpster at a police blockade. We end with the SUVs traveling into the distance.

Much is subject to change, but it’s a good start I think. I look forward to all of your thoughts.

– Paul-Thomas Parnell