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My Fat Beat sheet V1

Hello Team and friends,
Here is the first version of the movie in beat sheet form. We’ve talked about it a couple of times and here is is. Let me know what you think?
If you’d like a blank copy of the beat sheet click here.

PROJECT TITLE: Crystal Parasite (Working Title)
GENRE: High school Drama/Sci-fi

1. Opening Image (1): O.W.L. (Off World Logistics) Agents hunting a man moving very fast and leaping around doing parkour. They shoot at him with a strange gun that attaches a band to him and magnetizes him to a metal building. Then it electrocutes him. Cut to Tim’s room he is Vlogging being real jerky, talking about how he will own the school this year and how it’s going to be the best year yet.

2. Theme Stated (5): You should treat people with respect. You don’t know when you’ll need them. There is more to life than high school politics.

3. Set-up (1-10): Tim covers his sleeping mom with a blanket on his way out. At school Tim is being a jerk to people and arrogant. He picks on Devin and his friends. He seem cool and well liked by the “Cool kids” . We get introduced to all the popular kids. Hint at the uncool kids. Tim and the Cool kids hanging at the cabin, they are partying and drinking beer. Megan is getting all up-ons. She invites Tim to a party at her house, he says he’ll come. A Football game has just ended, Tim and the team are in the locker room, the team tells Tim he did a good job. They ask if he is going to Megan’s party tonight. He says yes. O.W.L. field office seeing something on the radar.

4. Catalyst (12): After the he’s done in the locker room Tim goes out on the field to do a post game vlog. As he’s recording Tim witness the meteor crash and goes to examines it. When he touches the crystal in the meteor it pierces into his hand and he passes out. When he wakes up he is groggy and makes his way home. O.W.L.Agents See the crash and investigate after Tim has been there. The say ”It’s gone. We have a host.”

5. Debate (12-25): “Can he be happy without popularity?” His mom checks on him and sees he is starting to get sick and act weird( because of the infection). Tim has a spaz attack in his science class. The Crystal Parasite begins showing the HUD, and Tim has no idea what it is. He continues to get weaker and can barely hold his own backpack. The Jocks start picking on him. He quickly starts loosing favor with the cool kids and is having a hard time playing football. O.W.L. Agent vans seen around.

6. Break into 2 (25): The coach cuts Tim from the football team, this crushes Tim. He was hoping to get a football scholarship. He is being excommunicated from the in crowd fast.

7. B Story (30): Devin starts talking to Tim. He has always liked Tim since he stopped some bullies from picking on him in the 5th grade, Tim has no idea what he is talking about. Introduce the Uncool kids.

8. Fun and Games (30-55): Tim starts hanging with the uncool kids. Devin finds out about Tim’s powers He tell’s tim all he knows about aliens and secret government agencies. The also talk about Devins crush on Alice. Tim tells him to ask her to the dance he says he can’t. They start testing Tim’s powers. They come up with small tests at first like jumping off a building, grabbing electrical wires, hitting him with things. He has Devin hit him with a baseball bat and pretends it hurt. Devin freaks, Tim tells him it’s a joke. Devin suggests that they should go to a MENSA facility where Eddy is has access to the lab to do some scientific tests to Tim. The Head Lab Scientist sees the results for Tim’s test and alerts the O.W.L.. Tim starts getting signals from the Aliens.  Tim is getting better at using his powers. Devin tells him know one can know about them or they will dissect him.

9. Midpoint (55)^: During one visit to MENSA Tim and Devin are caught by the O.W.L.. Devin freaks out big time. Tim talks to the agents, gets the feeling there is more going on in the world than he knows, one of the agents give him a card. The Eddy helps Tim and Devin get out of custody. The Agents let them go.

10. Bad Guys Close In (55-75): The Jocks are now full on riding Tim like an uncool kid. The O.W.L. see more radar alerts. When they check them out they are not meteors. The Aliens start to show up looking for Tim. The Aliens try to grab Tim and his friends help him escape. Tim, feeling cocky because of their experiments, leads them to the cabin and comes up with a plan to uses himself as bait and go home alone on the Aliens, Tim send all of his friends away. O.W.L. Agents are closing in on their location.

11. All Is Lost (75): During the fight he is doing fair, but the Aliens end up cornering Tim. Devin comes back and distracts them, they knock him unconscious. They chase Tim in front of the propane tank. Tim uses a pulse to ignite the propane blowing up the aliens. Tim looses consciousness after.

12. Dark Night of the Soul (75-85): The Agents check Tim’s brain waves and say he isn’t a Host. Tim wakes up in the clean room with army guys and doctors over him. He freaks out. He’s strapped down to the table. They tell him he’s OK they are just checking his injuries. Which to their surprise he is fine. The O.W.L.Agent from MENSA enters and starts asking Tim questions. He is friendly and cool, and wants to know what happened. Tim asks about Devin. Agent tells him he is recovering. Tim is upset that he was hurt. Tim tells the Agent these weird guys where attacking them. Agent “You say there was 2 of them?” The Agent confers with another agent. We are sorry about your friend we can drop you by the hospital if you want. Tim sees Devin and their friends. Tessa give’s Tim a big hug saying she thought he was dead. Tim sees Devin with tubs in him and is really upset. Tim “Why did he come back!”  Eddy “He thought you where in trouble.” Devin wakes up. They all freak. Tim expressing he is sorry. Devin says “It’s fine you would have don the same for me, just with out the getting hurt part. Some times people just need help. Plus, you can sign my cast!” “Yeah I guess so” Says Tim.
Alice says to Devin “I never new you where so brave.” “Yeah, guess it’s a hidden quality” 🙂 “Alice, do you want to go to the prom with me?” Shock on everyones face. Alice “ Sure!” Tim smiles. Tessa leans near Tim and says “You know I still don’t have a date” Tim “Really?” It starts to feel normal again. O.W.L. Agents are looking at monitors for the aliens.

13. Break into 3 (85): Tim and Devin pick up Tessa and Alice for the dance.

14. Finale (85-110): The group gets to the Dance without incident. Tim almost unable to relax. The get into the dance. The Jocks come to poke fun a Tim’s table but trip on something(Tim’s power). Tim and Devin smile at each other. Tim ask Tessa to dance. Tessa and Tim have a moment by the punch table while the prom Queen and king are being called. She ask how he feels being out here. Tim says ” I really feel much better than when I was up there”  They are dancing for a moment. Tessa is reminiscing about “How she would never have dreamed that she would go to prom with Tim Harker” Tim’s smiles and ttys to enjoy them moment, but he can feel something is out of place. Suddenly his HUD flashes and he can see the Alien is back and heading this way. He looks at Tessa and says “It’s not over”. The quick regroup and start talking about what to do. Tim says he will lead it away, Devin and the others think that is a dumb Idea. Devin recalls the Alien had a hard time with cold. He suggests they kick on the CO2 tanks to cover the gym in a cold cloud. All the kids are looking around like WTF? Tim and friends grab all the fire extinguishers and prepare for the alien to come. We see the alien coming toward the gym. The music is still going as the Alien comes close Devin pulls the fire alarm. The fog is making it hard to see in the gym so as people are starting to come to the exit Devin and his group are redirecting them. The teachers are helping. Toward the main doors the Alien enters and uses TK to peel the door open. At the O.W.L. Agents base we get a phone call. “This is Agent Jones.” Tessa on the other end ”The bad biker guy is back!” “Where are you?” “At the school dance.” “I have men there now” “Your men are already dead.” “What?!” “Sorry it a line from a movie.” “Get out of there immediately! ” “Gotta go.” “What?… She hung up” Agents jumping in cars and squealing off. Tim is hiding in the room the Alien is looking around but It’s having a hard time seeing because the temperatures are all the same. Tim uses TK to explosde the fire extinguishers on the Alien. It is pissed! It touches something on what’s left of it’s broken helmet and we see it’s vision change. It can now see Tim clearly. Tim notices something has changed. It grabs a table and flings it at Tim. Devin and friends start to run out from their hiding spots but Tim signals them to stay. Right then the Alien closes the doors using the speakers and TK. The Agents pull up. Several men in Black suits with tactical vests on come out of the cars They are caring the same gun used in the beginning. The Alien is closing in throwing Tim around. Tim getting a good lick in now and again. The Agents start coming in but can’t see very well because of the fog. The talk back and forth on the radio. Tim hears it in his head. The Alien is going in for the kill having fashioned a spear from some metal using TK. It flings it a Tim he stops in in the nick of time only an inch from his chest. He’s starting to get freaked out now. He remembers back to the experiments and how his emotional state effects his concentration. He tries to calm himself down. “Think! What would Devin tell me to do?” He uses TK to fling a dozen basketballs at the Alien which does a good job making it angrier. Devin Voice “Why does it where a helmet?” Tim “Cause it’s ugly as balls? No, so it can breath!  That’s it!” The Alien grabs Tim and trows him into the wall. Tim is hurting, but he sees some free weights. “Ah!” He uses TK and Slams one on each side of the Aliens helmet. This causes the creature to reel in pain. Tim sees the Agents through the fog on his HUD and cries out to them. He’s right here! They all point their weapons at the Alien Tim pulls a table in front of himself as they fire. Their bands connect on multiple places shocking the Alien and pulling together like shackles until the Alien is on the floor and the smoke is clearing. Tim is hiding behind the table. Agent Jones tells Him it’s ok to come out. The other agents are keeping the teachers and students out of the gym. Devin and friends come to where Tim is. Tessa hugs him. She says I’m sensing a pattern with you. Tim “I hope not.” Agent Jones “We are glad everyones ok” Tessa ”What took you so long stop for doughnuts?” Agent Jones ”No I prefer bearclaws. We will need to debrief you all. Please go with this agent. Good work Tim” Tim and the others are being lead out of the gym.

15. Final Image (110): Tim Vloging in his room, his demeanor is now smooth and caring. He says “This is farewell Ridell High remember: Life is much more that High school Politics keep looking up.” There is a knock at the door it’s Devin “You ready?” “Yep” We see a paper on Tims desk that says “Welcome to O.W.L. training begins 06/30/2015” Tim leaves his room and high school behind. As he heads out the door his mom says “I’m proud of you bunny and I love you.” Tim Says “I love you too” and enters the white door. Roll Credits!