Meet our Founders

Paul Parnell

Paul is a creative storyteller and resourceful filmmaker with skills in every area of the movie making process. He is a skilled graphic designer, visual effects arts, and has a hunger to make movies. Realizing that making a feature film didn't have to cost 1 million dollars, or $100,000 or even $1,000 with the right resources, team and vision (and of course being willing to put in a heck of a lot of unpaid work) he decided that nothing would stop this dream from coming true. So he will Write, Produce, and Direct his first Feature Film on $0 budget (or as close as possible) this year.

Ali Parnell

Ali Parnell is a Producer and Music Supervisor on the Film in a Year project.

Jason Urgo

Jason Urgo is the Executive Producer and Social Media Manager on the Film in a Year project.   Jason comes from the online video and social media world and brings his extensive knowledge he has gained over the past 8+ years years from YouTube, Twitter and running the Social Media and Online Video tracking website Social Blade to the team.

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Alex Ferguson

Alex is a producer for the Film in a Year project

Past Video Work