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Auditions for "Harker: The Awakening" are CLOSED

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About Film in a Year

The Film in a Year Project is comprised of almost all volunteers who are dedicated to producing the best micro-budget feature film possible in one year. We are on a mission, as our name suggests, to make a feature film in one year and to create an awesome community of film people while we are at it. You can read more about Film in a Year here.

About the Movie
The movie we are producing this 2014 season is a Sci-Fi Coming-of-Age story based around a popular high school senior named Tim. His world gets turned upside down when he encounters a crashed meteor and gets infected with a strange alien weapon that causes him to first become very sick, but then discover his new super human abilities. This is an original story created by PaulThomas Parnell and co-written by PaulThomas Parnell and Richard Horenrath. You can read more about the story here.