What is the Film in a Year Project?

The Film in a Year Project is, what we affectionately like to describe as, "Community Theater for Filmmaking". There are so many community groups out there putting on amazing live theater events all over the place, yet very few, if any that we know of, are doing this for film. So the goal? One feature length movie in one year with only a micro budget and a boat load of amazing volunteers. Think it's a little crazy? We don't!

This idea, however, was not born as you see it now. Christmas of 2013 had just wrapped up and New Years was around the corner. We (Paul & Ali ) were driving down the 540 near Raleigh on our way back to our cozy home when the inevitable topic of "New Year's Resolutions" came up. One conversation lead to another and before we arrived at our doorstep we decided this was the year, 2014, to make our first feature film and enter in to one of Paul's lifelong dreams; to create and direct award winning feature films. Better now than never!

Suffice it to say this started out as a rather selfish endeavor. Yet we quickly we learned and adapted to the fact that it is a lot of people's dreams to create and be a part of filmmaking. So we decided to make every effort we could to create an open community of filmmakers where people could work on the film in their strength and passion zones and even get to explore new areas too. We of course can't have 10 leads and 30 DP's, but as we see fit we are matching people's strengths and desires with our openings. In the end our main goal is to make the best feature film we possible can. 

So now, we invite you to join us on our journey and encourage you to find a place to plug in. You can check out the Audition Page if you want to act , the Crew Page if you want to help with anything from hair & make-up to lighting and camera work or the Sponsor's Page if you have any resources, locations or props you wish to lend or donate to our project. 

You can also learn more about the  Team or about the Movie. You're pick!

*Note we are not a non-profit so no donations are tax deductible. 


What are you doing with the movie once it is finished?

The final movie has three planned distribution methods at the moment. First, we will release the film on YouTube as 9 or 10 episodes cut specifically for YouTube. Second, we will create a standard feature length cut that will be available for purchase on our website either in digital format or a hard copy. Finally, we would like to do several screenings in local theaters. We are considering other methods of distribution as well, but these are our top goals at the moment. 

What about the money, what will you do with it?

All money we receive from sales of the movie will be put back into a budget to do a second film. 

What is the Future of Film in a Year?

Right now the movie we are producing this year is the end goal and we are creating it purely for the love of filmmaking and the desire to make a finished feature film. However, if this project takes off, like we hope it will, we are considering making it a more permanent establishment. 

In addition, we hope that for everyone, the producers included, this film project can open doors for future opportunities in making both independent and commercial films. 


What is the timeline?

January: Finding resources so we know what we have to work with (props, locations, actors, crew)

February-March: Paul will write the script. We will also continue to find and gather resources.

April: We will begin the Pre-Production process (costumes, creating props etc)

June - Beginning of July: Final Casting & Rehearsal time. (Some limited casting may happen before June).

End of July- August: FILMING! So all you High School and College students that want to be a part of the movie making process - count yourselves in! We need you!

September - December: Post-Production (Editing, Special Effects, Sound Design and Music)

How Can I Be a Part?

We are looking for every kind of film person. Experience is necessary for some key roles, but many other roles are available for novices. We can teach you what to do!

We also need Props and Locations. If you have access to sweet Locations we cold use for free please contact us following the guidelines below. The same goes for Props, if you have access to awesome Props we cold use for free please contact us following the guidelines below.

Key Roles Require Experience

Casting Director
Assistant Director
Lead Actors
Cinematographer/Camera Op
Music Composer
Vfx Artists
Art Director
Concept artist
Prop Maker

Supporting Roles No Experience Necessary

Background Extras(No Experience necessary, but you must be good at following directions. If we film a high school drama we will need a lot of students )
Production Assistant/Grip - You help with whatever your needed for on set.
Boom Operator - Hold the mic during dialog scenes(You need strong arms and shoulders)
Camera Assistant - Helps the Camera Op and Cinematographer
Props Master - manages all props